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NVIS Outlet Store

Welcome to the new NVIS Outlet Store. Customers can browse available inventory for NVIS products sold at deep discounts. Our inventory includes used systems, demo systems, and even new systems. Warranties vary by system based on age and overall condition of the hardware. Extended warranties are not available for purchase on outlet systems.

If you are interested in a discounted system and do not see the inventory available, you can contact us with your specific request. We may be able to accommodate some requests by searching among our pool of demo hardware, customer trade-ins, or even new hardware if stock levels are high enough.

All Outlet product sales require prepayment. Warranty periods vary depending on age and condition of the unit. All Outlet sales are subject to the NVIS Standard Terms and Condition of Sale with the exceptions of payment and warranty terms, as noted here.

Monoscope SX

Monoscope SX monocular display system. Features 1280x1024 24 bit color .88" display w/ 40 degree (diagonal) field-of-view eyepiece. Includes standard tripod attachment for mounting.
Quantity Available: 1

Virtual Binocular SX

Virtual Binocular SX; SXGA hand-held display system. Designed to emulate a wide range of commercial and military binoculars. Includes IPD mechanism, +/- 4 diopter adjustable eyepieces, integrated tripod mount, and programmable USB Joystick buttons.
Quantity Available: 2