About Us


NVIS, inc. is an ISO-9001:2015 registered manufacturer of high-resolution, near-eye display systems designed for high-fidelity immersive training and simulation.  Our product line includes head-mounted displays, virtual binoculars, and custom embedded displays used in advanced vehicle and weapons simulators. 


NVIS manufactures professional virtual reality displays that allow users to visually explore and interact with simulated 3D environments. Our products can be found in the most demanding training, simulation, and research applications around the world. NVIS products are designed to make VR technology more widespread and accessible in more applications than ever before.


We want to provide our customers with immersive display solutions that offer uncompromising visual acuity, consistent reliability, competitive prices, and a relentless commitment to customer support.  We only succeed if our customers succeed. 


NVIS is a leading manufacturer of near-eye display products.  We support a network of developers, resellers, and system integrators of professional training and simulation applications that require unsurpassed visual performance and the support of a dedicated partner that can be attentive to the unique requirements and specifications.